photo by ryan lemahieu

photo by ryan lemahieu

Monday, November 28, 2011

transistor ad welcome note

photo taken by jess wetter at universe city yoga,  seattle
Greetings!  Today is the day that my little ad comes out in the Transistor.   I thought I would welcome any new folks that might be peering at this blog.  WELCOME!!!  I haven't been utilizing this blog to the utmost,  but you'll find some rambling posts from me as well as my current class info.  I really hope to see you some new faces a session - don't be afraid! :)  I'm pretty friendly,  I promise!

Something that Viniyoga teachers try to do before class is ask what people are wanting - any specific postures they're craving,  or aches or pains to be aware of and tend to?  Do students want the class to be energizing or relaxing?  I try to ask and then  design my classes around what the students want,  as long as it stays within the principles of my training and as long as it is safe to do what is requested.  It's not about me - it's about YOU!  Before you come to class,  think about what you need that day.  We are changing all the time - EVERY moment is different from the next,  and while you might need some neck and shoulder release one day,  the next day you might be more interested in settling down and getting a relaxing practice -- especially in this busy holiday time.

I'm currently teaching one class at The Lotus Center in lovely downtown Duluth.  This studio is right upstairs from Global Village (where the futon shop used to be if you remember that).  It's spacious,  has skylights and is decorated beautifully with wares from all over the world (thanks to the global imports store below!).  Mats,  blankets and straps are provided - but bring your own if you're attached.  My class is Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm.  Please check out (and "like") my facebook page for more updates!

I am so happy to also be teaching at Yoga North on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm.  AND coming up here at the end of June,  I'm presenting at the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference in eastern Wisconsin this summer (June 29th - July 1st) - so be on the lookout for more information!

Thank you for stopping by!  I look forward to meeting you if I haven't already,  and seeing you again if I have.  I wish you a wonderful moment!  Take a deep breath right now,  why don't you? THANKS!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 : Health & Wellness : Back Pain Relief

Nice photos and info here about common aches and pains and how to help them. Be careful here, though - make sure you're properly warmed up before transitioning into stronger-ish movements (like Warrior I), move with a PAIN FREE range of motion, and go gently with mindfulness. These sequences aren't totally complete, but can give you ideas to add to your home practice. : Health & Wellness : Back Pain Relief


Tiffany Blackburn was my peer during my yoga teacher training program (at Whole Life Yoga). When I got hired at Village Yoga, I asked Tiffany to be my go-to Viniyoga sub. When the time came for me to move back to Minnesota, Tiffany took over. I hope her students are reveling her intelligent sequencing and calm instruction. She just wrote a great blog for Whole Life Yoga's website called "Practicing for Yourself." It is so common in our western culture to move FAST, to COMPETE, BE PRODUCTIVE, GO ABOVE AND BEYOND. Tiffany writes about pushing her limits in yoga classes, resulting sometimes in injury, and also maybe not such a peaced-out feeling after class. It is tempting to compare yourself to your neighbor in many ways, and yoga class is no exception. We glance around and try to do more; we want the praise, and the prize. Check out what Tiffany had to say, and then give yourself the gift of listening to what your body needs, and go a little gentler, without peering around the room or looking for an ego treat. It is YOUR experience and a time in your day for you to sink in and sit with yourself and all of your delightfulness, and all of your imperfections. Read Tiffany's post here. xoxo!